Mitchell trimmer/deflashers.



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custom short run trimming, prototyping, first run-offs or trimming for start-up operators.

Mitchell Model 241/242/243 Knife Trimmer Machines, Deflashers.

Mitchell Model 241/242/243 Angle Trimmer Machines

The Angle Trimmer machines are available as a one, two or three head model. The purpose of this machine is to trim or deflash rubber or plastic parts that require a precision edge. A variety of chucking techniques are available to hold and spin circular parts, including air chucks, vacuum plates, collets, etc. High speed spindles are standard equipment and allow for an infinitely adjustable 200-2600 rpm range.

The cutting heads are independently adjustable for angle, stroke, length, stroke speed, position of cut and position to retract. The heads are designed to accept front mount or rear mount knife holders providing a wide range of cutting combinations and a total angle of adjustment of +5° to -95° (100° total adjustment) from straight up.

These angle trimmers/deflashers are designed with PLC logic to run in many different modes. Heads can be individually cycled to move, extend stroke, rotate spindle, cut, retract and stop in a manual or single cycle mode. The machine has several modes of automatic cycling. Multiple heads can be set to cut at the same time, or each head can run by itself. All automatic cycle starts are actuated by ergonomic touch button. Vacuum chucks have a "part secure" vacuum gauge and sensor switch, which prevents the cycle starting until the vacuum is at full strength.

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