Our Products

The Mitchell product line includes lathe cutters, trimmers, grinders,
blades and custom small run parts cutting. Also count on Mitchell
for complete machine service and refurbishing.

Mitchell knife trimmer machines, deflashers.

Mitchell Knife Trimmers

Mitchell offers six standard knife trimmer machines, sometimes called "deflashers," to trim flash from round or circular molded parts. Parts are precisely positioned on a rotating spindle and are held by a vacuum while straight carbide blades do the high accuracy cutting. Mitchell knife trimmers will hold ±0.002" repeatability while the popular Models 214 and 215 will hold ±0.0005". Cycle rates of 250 to 900 parts per hour are typical depending upon product and ease of loading/unloading. Typical parts include dust caps, diaphragms, lip seals, golf grips and piston, transmission or shaft radial seals, among others. The first Mitchell trimmer ever built in 1983 is still in production. For more information about Mitchell Knife Trim Machines, contact Mitchell today.

Lathe cutter machines.

Mitchell Lathe Cutters

Sometimes referred to as "jar ring cutters," "mandrel cutters" or "square ring cutters," Mitchell lathe cutters are capable of cutting parts with square or beveled side walls such as gaskets, belts, washers, rings, seals, tubes, grips, sleeves, bushings, plugs, rollers and spacers to precise lengths. These machines are not typically used for rubber bands, hose washers or other low value parts. Mitchell lathe cutters will generally produce up to 240 parts per minute depending upon size, complexity and the material used. Lathe cutters are rated to hold ±0.003" and must surpass a trial of ±0.001" on 0.05" travel over the length of the machine. For more information about Mitchell Lathe Cutters, contact Mitchell today.

Mitchell rubber grinders.

Mitchell Rubber Grinders

Mitchell Inc., offers the Model 48 High Speed Precision Rubber Grinder. The grinder delivers 80” per minute and repeatable accuracy of +/- .002”. Maximum grinding OD is 12” with a minimum length of 8” and a maximum length of 48”. Operator controls are user friendly and feature digital readouts of spindle rpm, traverse speed and cycle times. Custom versions of the Mitchell Model 48 are available for special applications. For more information about Mitchell Rubber Grinders, contact Mitchell today.

Carbide replacement knives and carbide knife blades.

Mitchell Blades

Mitchell Inc., now offers carbide replacement knives, new carbide knife blades and custom small run parts cutting. For more information about Mitchell Blades, contact Mitchell today.