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Mitchell precision machinery can help you boost productivity,
lower manufacturing costs, and increase product quality.

Model 624AC Cutting Head for lathe cutters

Since 1966, Mitchell Inc. has produced precision and specialty machines designed to cut or trim round or cylindrical parts from rubber, some plastic and composites. We are located in Elkhart, Indiana, in the heart of the Midwest industrial belt of the United States.

.The Mitchell line of equipment consists of several standard models of two basic types of machines — lathe cutters and knife trimmers. We also design and build custom machines for a variety of cutting or trimming applications. Our machines are based on the principle of high speed rotation and the constant advance of a sharp cutting blade. This makes repeated minimal cuts in the same track and enables them to cut accurately without distortion by blade pressure. These machines will cut as fast as the material will allow.

A big advantage of Mitchell lathe cutters and knife trimmer machines is long service life. Many of the even earliest machines are still in operation. Ask about a FREE demonstration.

Another Mitchell advantage — quick response and superb customer service. You will be dealing with the people doing the work, not some remote customer service department. Get the right answers and good service from the right people every time.


Also count on Mitchell for complete machine service and refurbishing. We’ll bring your Mitchell machine to like-new standards for less than the price of new.

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Custom short run trimming, prototyping, first run-offs or trimming for start-up operators.